Our Students, Our Glory

Our beloved institution has turned out batches of brilliant students who have made their mark in life, bringing honour and glory to society and their alma mater. The students are the real assets to the century old school.


1. Dr Amalendu Chandra(1979-81)
    Prof. (IIT, Kanpur)
    Dept. of Chemistry
    Winner of Shantiswarup Bhatnagar Award
2. Ujjwal Kumar Siddhanta
3. Abhijit Tarafder
4. Arghya Tarafder
5. Arimdam Ganguly
6. Sanjay Banerjee
7. Biswanath Poira
8. Sumanta Dawn
9. Arnab Maji
10. Soumattam Chatterjee
11 . Ratul Ghosh
11. Jubin Hazra
12. Sugata Hazra

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Date- 27.06.2017

The school building has been requisitioned by the Burdwan police from 27-6-2017 to 29-6-2017 to lodge police personel.Therefore the school shall remain closed for those days.The school reopens on 30-6-2017 at 10-30 AM,Though class teaching will not be possible on that day.However ,class IX students will be given bicycles under sabuj sathi project on 30-6-2017 from 11 AM to 1-30 PM .

The class teaching of class XI will start on 3-7-17 at 10-50 AM.The students of class XI will be given the govt text books on 3-7-2017.