School magazines

  1. Kakoli a wall magazine is published once in three years.
  2. Aranyak the magazine of the Eco- club of the school.

An art exhibition is held at Saraswati puja.

     Cultural functions are held at Saraswati puja and on the day of Tagore’s birthday under the guidance of teachers proficient in song, recitation, drama and other braches of cultural activities.

     Students regularly participate in quiz contests and other forms of cultural competitions organized by different institutions and organizations and win prizes at the district level and the state level also.

     Students contribute to magazines regularly with great enthusiasm. Shaunak Chakraborty has, to his credit, got ten articles published in Voices, The Statesman.

     Students also regularly participate in inter school football and cricket tournaments and athletic meets and win prizes and trophies at the district level and the state level also.

     Students fervently take part in the folder collection campaigns conducted annually by the Junior Red Cross Society and the school has got the 1st prize as the highest subscribers for the last few years.

     The annual sports meet of the school is enthusiastically attended by a large number of students. The school has a branch of the National Cadet Corps (N.C.C.).

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